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Graphtec Craftrobo Pro

Last modified 01/25/2015

This section is the machine's introduction, and could include something along the lines of:
  • What the machine is doing
  • What the machines is used for at ITP
  • Comparison to other related tools at ITP
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Explain things about the machine and its features that are not obvious, but important to know. It should include:
  • Dimensions of the working area
  • What motions/actions the machine will make
  • Dangerous things that can happen

This section should focus on what's important for students to know when preparing for and interact with the machine. It could include:
  • Labelled pictures of buttons/switches/LEDs/displays, with descriptions
  • List all steps needed to successfully run a job
    • Not a tutorial, but a conceptual overview
    • File prep. -> machine setup -> running and operating -> finishing

Whatever is necessary to describe materials used and needed. This includes parts of the machine that are handled and/or replaced a lot.

Should include a link to the official manual, as well and whatever links to beginner-level tutorials and more.