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Reflow Oven

Last modified 01/25/2015

The reflow oven is used ITP to solder surface mount components (SMD) to printed circuit boards (PCBs). Temperatures raise up to about 250 degrees Celsius, and raise and lower based off the specified temperature profile.
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The oven has two built in temperature sensors so it can tell how hot it is. One is attached to the bed plate, and the other is at the tip of a string. The string sensor is not needed for what we do at ITP, and should be left alone in the back of the oven.

When arriving at Peak level (above 200 degrees Celsius), do not let the oven stay this hot for too long, or you will likely burn out some of your components. This is especially true when only reflowing 1 or 2 boards. So in the interface, lower the Peak time to just a few seconds.

Fumes are vented out the hole in the back, and go out the window. Be sure the vent is properly aligned with the window's hole, and that the table does not move at all while running.

Boards must have solder paste applied already, and have the components properly placed
  1. Open the oven and place the board(s) on the plate.
  2. Turn the power switch on the in the back right
  3. Hold the green button for 5 seconds to turn the Android tablet on (after ~30 seconds the interface will load automatically)
  4. Customize your temperature profile, and hit run
  5. Wait by the oven and monitor it's progress at all times
  6. Once the reflow job is done, wait for the temperature to go back down to room temperature before opening and taking out your board (this can take a couple minutes)