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Last modified 01/25/2015

The OtherMill is a micro-milling machine, which operates with the free software OtherPlan. It uses end mills to cut away from material, making 3D shapes, 2.5D shapes, or printed circuit boards (PCBs). The OtherMill is the most approachable mill at ITP, and can theoretically mill a PCB without modifying it's Eagle file.
Signup for time slots here
  • 30 min slots.
  • 9AM to 11PM daily
  • If you need to cancel your slot, please DELETE the event from your own Google Calendar instead of declining it.

The OtherMill's bed dimensions = 5.5 inch. X 4.5 inch.

The bed is made of aluminum, giving the OtherMill two nice features:
  1. Once it gets too rough, we can run a "facing plan," milling the bed and making it flat again
  2. Homing the Z axis involves completing a circuit between the bit and aluminum bed, making homing easy
Threaded holes are placed throughout the bed, allowing you to attach fixtures to help align material. While a fixture is attached, milling a double-sided PCB is built into OtherPlan.

Never use without all transparent safety panels attached (they attach easily with magnets).

  1. Load your Eagle file, CAM file, or Illustrator file into OtherPlan
  2. Select your bits, and OtherPlan will calculate all toolpaths
  3. Enter the material's width, height, and thickness, and use double-sided tape to attach to bed
  4. Insert the first bit, and home the Z axis
  5. Start cutting, and change bits when OtherPlan informs you

You can order bits and materials from the Other Machine store.