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Ninja Cheetah

Ninja Cheetah is an amazing material which is semi-flexible. It will be less rigid than PLA but stronger and more wear resistant.

If you do not know how to load material into the Lulzbot read instructions here!

There is not preset print settings for NinjaTech Cheetah you will therefore have to define the print parameters yourself.
Switch to full setting by going to ExpertSwitch to Full Setting...
Click No on the dialog box that appears.

In the Basic tab 

Enter Printing Temperature (C) = 230-240
**Smaller parts should be printed at lower temperatures because you want the lst layer to dry before laying something down on top.
Bed Temperature (C) = 40
In the Advanced tab 
Bottom layer speed (mm/s) = 30
Infill speed (mm/s) = 80

You can save these settings by saving the model loading the model when you open Cura. 
Have fun!